Making progress!

We got ST JOE "partially"reassessed!

We got some of the  "Good ole Boys" reassessed!

So far, we have been sucessfull in removing

Approx 500  parcels from the  "AG" list !

"We knew they were not commercial farms, just tax evaders who wanted to dump their Property Tax bill on every other property owner"

History:  When we started out there was over 1600 properties "some as large as  640 acres" on the "AG" list,  by pressuring YOUR elected officials,  we forced them to remove the properties!

THEN Spitzer put back 1100 of them WITHOUT any physical inspections!

MANY Florida Counties have STRICT "AG"  Rules or  guidlines, 


Bay County does NOT!

NOW,  let's get the rest of the nonlegitimate "AG" properties off the list, LET'S STOP BEING SLAVES, by forcing the Bay County Property Appraiser to follow the law "FS 193.461"  and stop the "multimillion dollar tax givaways"  to the  Big Multimillion dollar Corporations  who are recieving the $2.00 per acre tax bill AND CLAIMING THEIR VACANT LAND TO BE SOME TYPE OF FARM !

Question:  If you own vacant land with trees, weeds and brush on it,  does that make it a commercial farm which is eligible to recieve the  "Agricultural Classification"  for Property Tax purposes? 

Answer:  NO!  Pay the Property Taxes on your investment land like everybody else OR SELL IT TO SOMEBODY WHO WILL!

Question:  If you sell your land for more then three times  "AG" value are you still eligible for the "AG" classification and the tremendous tax savings?

Answer: NO! Pay the Property Taxes on your investment land like everybody else OR SELL IT TO SOMEBODY WHO WILL! 

Question:  What can we do to stop this stealing?

Answer:  Call  "Dan Sowell at the BCPA,  if he does not respond,   vote HIM OUT! 

Dan's term of office expires in 2012! 

Should we  "boot him out"  and elect a "Peoples Representative"  who will STOP this BIG Corporate welfare program?

Q:  Is Dan strong enough to stand up to the BIG Corporate Plantation Massa's and take back our community?